Award winning filmmaker, average gardener, and hopeless at cooking eggs, Beau is mostly unfashionable.

On the recent 350k crossing of Bass Strait in a sea kayak (from Australia’s mainland to Tasmania) he was voted 3rd worst dressed in a party of 3. When 2 more expedition members turned up he was the worst of 5. It was agreed that if 395 more people joined the party, he would be the 400th best dressed. Being offbeat and NQR speaks volumes about how Beau sees the world.
Past experiences include paddling several thousand kilometers of Africa by Kayak, running 700km across the Australian Alps (Trials of Miles), and recently finding challenge and beauty in the everyday lands between home and work during Man vs Commute.

Beau’s adventures on YouTube

Bass by Kayak 2017

A 6 episode film series about a small expedition party crossing from the Australian mainland to Tasmania in sea kayaks.

Trials of Miles 2012

Traversing through some of the highest peaks in Australia, Beau battles injury, fatigue and ultimately himself over a 650+km trail run.

Africa by Kayak 2010

Starting in Mozambique and continuing along the South African coast, Beau paddles 5 months and 2000kms around Africa.



Commute loot!

Pop quiz. How many giant rolls of housing insulation can you fit into a two-door hatchback? One. Pretty crappy quiz I know, but a fun start to the day. I found this giant roll of goodness on the side of the highway. Smack bang in the middle of 6 lanes.…
Sea Kayaking

The Complete Bass Strait Q&A

Dave Podhaczky: How did your bum go on the 3 longer crossings? Did conditions change much any days while you were paddling? Great question Pod man. Oddly enough- or not, the more you paddle, the less the hard seat becomes an issue. False reason really. In saying that, I had…

Final week before the run

A box of magnificent Icebreaker arrived via courier. The merino clothing is fine grained, smells natural and is brilliant in the heat or cold. Whilst they are indeed my leading brand supporter for the run, I'd advocate the stuff regardless- its simply the best active clothing on the planet. In…
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Sea Kayaking
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A product of the 70’s
Sea Kayaking
A smaller then bigger crew, then back to smaller…
First Maccas in 20 years: idiot.