Beau Miles. Award winning filmmaker, average gardener, poly-jobist, speaker, odd.

On a recent crossing of Bass Strait in a sea kayak, Beau was voted 5th worst dressed in a party of 5. Being offbeat and NQR speaks volumes about how Beau goes about life, and represents himself in the world, believing wholeheartedly that we are all weird. His offbeat stories of adventure exemplify a curious view of the human condition.

Films and Documentaries

Adventures and quirky projects.

Bass by Kayak (2017)

A 6 episode film series about a small expedition party crossing from the Australian mainland to Tasmania in sea kayaks.

Africa by Kayak (2010)

Starting in Mozambique and continuing along the South African coast, Beau paddles for 5 months and covers 2000kms around Africa.

Trials of Miles (2012)

Traversing Australia’s highest peaks, Beau battles injury, fatigue and ultimately himself over the famous Australian Alps Walking Track, becoming the first person to run the 650km trail.


The Green Paddle

Head west young man! A yellow kayak, boxes of stuff, a dressing gown, op-shot shirts, a brown car full of laminated maps. The film shows a genuinely naive young man leave the mainland of Australia to paddle through three island archipelagos off Australia's southern coast. He burns his tongue, paddles the largest swell of his life, and learns a thing or two about himself, and sea kayaking. This was Beau's first real attempt at filmmaking and screened in the U.S on the Outdoor Life Network.

Beau's Journal

Musings, projects, updates and Q&A’s.


What I write on my entry card when coming home

I recently answered some questions to a phoney online blogger. The questions were slippery, and I stupidly wasted too much time. But I suppose, like any good load of bollocks, they got me thinking. At the heart of this was the leading question; Beau, why are you an adventurer? First…

Winning film festivals, or life

Bless em, the judging panel of the Paddling Film Festival and The Waterwalker Film Festival have voted Bass by Kayak the best sea kayaking film of 2018. They’re nice emails to get first thing in the morning. Cartoon figure trophies jump from the inbox, laden with digital wreaths and laurels.…

Q&A write up: Walking 100k to Work

Over two full days and a night- spent in a bush under the glow of a petrol station, I walked 100km to work, living off the side of the road, having left home with nothing but the clothes on my back. I found 2 iphones, an ipad (Siri was yapping…

First Maccas in 20 years: idiot.

Helen and I, a little excited, find ourselves free at a strange time of day. Based on my pestering we head to McDonald's at the non-mealtime of 2:45pm. Let me explain.  I’ve not purchased anything from the yellow hoops since 1998 due to the combined efforts of running and doing…
Trail Running
Continuing AAWT washup
A Mile an Hour
Trail Running
Me runnin’ shoes
Trail Running
A fox, a castle, brown & bread
Sea Kayaking
Home truths: Bass Strait in a salad bowl
Q&A write up: Kayaking Australia’s Bass Strait
Final week before the run
Sea Kayaking
A smaller then bigger crew, then back to smaller…

Upcoming Events

Film festivals, screenings, projects, and workshops.

Backyard Adventure Workshop
17th of August, 2018
Join Beau as he completes his own backyard adventure to Monash Uni's Clayton campus. The session with unpack the experience encountered and uncover it's potentials.
A Mile an Hour (Film Screening)
7th of September, 2018
Beau's latest film project, 'A Mile an Hour' is being shown as part of the Run Nation Film Festival. A Melbourne screening, attended by Beau, is being shown at the Astor Theatre.
ISKES 2018
11th to 15th of November, 2018
Beau is convening the 2nd International Sea Kayaking Educators Symposium, which will be held at Wilsons Promontory National Park, Australia.