Award winning filmmaker, average gardener, hopeless at cooking eggs. Beau is mostly unfashionable.

On the recent 350k crossing of Bass Strait in a sea kayak (from mainland Australia to Tasmania) he was voted 3rd worst dressed in a party of 3. When 2 more expedition members turned up he was the worst of 5. Being offbeat and NQR speaks volumes about how Beau sees the world, believing wholeheartedly that we are all weird. Outdoor Education, and offbeat types of adventure, can exemplify the curious nature of people, natures, and is often overlooked for
Past experiences include paddling several thousand kilometers of Africa by Kayak, running 700km across the Australian Alps (Trials of Miles), and recently finding challenge and beauty in the everyday lands between home and work during Man vs Commute.

Beau’s adventures on YouTube

Bass by Kayak 2017

A 6 episode film series about a small expedition party crossing from the Australian mainland to Tasmania in sea kayaks.

Trials of Miles 2012

Traversing through some of the highest peaks in Australia, Beau battles injury, fatigue and ultimately himself over a 650+km trail run.

Africa by Kayak 2010

Starting in Mozambique and continuing along the South African coast, Beau paddles 5 months and 2000kms around Africa.



Year of Mortality

I was bowling down Jelly beans like a 10 year old, lost in the sugary bliss. In an instant, this childhood act steered me directly to adulthood. Mixed within the goo was a shattered tooth, large, hard chunks amidst pure sugar. A mouth full of irony. I instantly ease off…

What I write on my entry card when coming home

I recently answered some questions to a long-distance colleague; Creston Davis (residing in U.S). The questions are itchy, poetically at least. They highlight my reluctance to get stuck into a good scratch. 'Adventure,' if you can imagine, was festering away as an unknown thing. To scratch is to reveal flesh…
Making things

A product of the 70’s

Like most Aussies I’m a fringe dweller. I live an hour from the coast. On a clear day from the top of my paddock I can see Western Port. But I’m no salty. My surfer mates, station-wagon dudes with skunking wetsuits in the backseat, possess an acute relationship with the…
Commute loot!
The hangover of Episode 6
Sea Kayaking
A smaller then bigger crew, then back to smaller…
If you build it, they will come
Sea Kayaking
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