Bass by Kayak

A film series (6 episodes) about a small expedition party crossing from the Australian mainland to Tasmania in sea kayaks.

Episode 1

The first episode is all about sea kayak training (via the Train), a new kayak, ironing out injury niggles and meeting the paddlers- interspersed with Beau on his soapbox. Plans change abruptly when Tim, one of the paddlers, has a resurgence of cancer and can no longer come. It is a typical insight into the moving parts and unknowns of an expedition in the preparation phase.

Episode 2

In Episode 2, training rolls on. Dan from the UK is yet to meet Ski patroller Matt, and new guys Paul and Craig replace Tim. No one really knows anyone, and the weather window looms mysteriously: to go, or not to go. They leave for the coast. Beau is grumpy, happy, grumpy and tries not to forget his paddle. Departure is imminent.

Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Bass by Kayak, Matty finally meets Dan. Seasickness, magnificent beaches, and two large crossings await the expedition. Emerging mate-ship and a few projects keep the lads occupied as they whittle away a week on an island, smack bang in the middle of Bass Strait.

Episode 4

Slow, drugged up, and overly optimistic about completing the crossing in daylight, the party of five finally leave Deal Island and make the long, tide-swept crossing to Kilicrankie Bay. They arrive. After deep sleep and vats of coffee, they then laugh their way down the coast of Flinders island. Tassie, all of a sudden, looms.

Episode 5

Well-oiled. laughing at nothing, comfortable, and with sore backsides, the lads edge ever closer to the end of their journey. With the weather gods laying it on they speed towards Little Mussleroe Bay on the NE tip of Tasmania.

Episode 6

The expedition aftermath, washed up. 18 months after crossing Bass by Kayak, Episode 6 represents key takeaways of the filmed sea kayaking expedition, most of which were key findings of Beau’s PhD ‘The secret life of the sea kayaker’.

Extra Bass by Kayak

A selection of Facebook Videos not on YouTube

Beau Miles

Wanna be farmer who likes to build things, run, paddle, teach and tell stories. He has been narrating his travels for most of his adulthood, and tends to resist the idea that people can, or should be any one thing. He was voted 3rd worst dressed in a party of 3.

Beau’s Facebook

Matt O’Keefe

His true love is backcountry skiing, but in truth Matt loves simply being outdoors. Director of ski patrol at an Australian ski resort, Matt has taken to dragging his 1 year old son around in a sled or trailer as he runs, skis and rides around the hills of his mountain town.

Dan Webb

Outdoor guide, rock climber, sea kayaker, funnyman. Endearingly warm and friendly, Dan gets sick of muesli after 11 days. Has been known to eat a whole chicken in one sitting, and will often go climbing for 3 days and come back 5 weeks later.

Dan’s Instagram

Paul Marshall & Craig Horne

Paul Marshall and Craig Horne came to the expedition late, two guys who were planning to make their own crossing that same Autumn. They had tried to make the crossing the year before but had ran out of time. Great guys, who would essentially run their own trip, but make some of the crossings with Beau, Matt and Dan in the larger pod of 5.